If I felt lucky to receive a scholarship before the 16 days of intensive course and physical exams in beautiful Marbella began, it’s nothing compared to how lucky I feel now.

In my previous blogs I wrote about being a “yes man”, about how a minimalistic approach is beneficial in reaching goals. I wrote about how taking leaps of faith to find the right environment and like-minded people are important, so we don’t have to walk the road alone, and so we can optimize our chances to thrive and make the most of it.

In this blog I just want to say, I found all that and more at the International Personal Training Academy in Spain.  Let me elaborate on why taking that leap of faith and finding like-minded people is so important. I believe one of society’s biggest problems is loneliness. We’re so disconnected with everything today, with our families, our friends but most importantly with our selves.

In modern day society you can be in a city of millions of people, and feel utterly alone. Mankind isn’t build for living in something that resembles an ant hill or an insect colony. We’re mammals and as such we thrive much better in smaller communities, communities or tribes where the other members actually see YOU, instead of just your façade and your social media mask. And most of the time other people can’t see the real you unless you’re on the same wavelength.

IPTA brings like-minded people together and create an environment where positivity thrives, where the main focus each day is the shared passion that brought us here. They take pride in making sure everyone is seen, and create an inclusive environment, the same way we do in TripExtreme. Of course being in beautiful Marbella is a nice setting, having education and a full membership in a really nice gym while you’re there is great. But a lot of the time is spend in the classroom. And this is where the atmosphere or the vibe of the group really shows, because we had a great time in that boring classroom. Everyday we, our teachers and us, filled up that room with passion for the craft and lots of laughter, it’s not as kinky as it sounds, (well we did get to pinch each other with pliers (to measure fat %), so maybe a little kinky).

So was the physical part of the IPTA personal trainer course in Marbella a walk in the park?

By no means, the IPTA course is intense and compact, hard work is needed if you want to succeed. But this is where the positive atmosphere and the camaraderie make it fun and exiting. Also the teachers were a big inspiration, and an example of why you should take that leap of faith. The teachers at IPTA obviously love what they are doing, so to see that, proves that it’s totally worth the hard work and the insecurity you initially feel when you embark on a new adventure.

I really miss it, and I felt the same way saying goodbye to my new friends, that I feel whenever I say goodbye to my guests at TripExtreme, a little blue, but with ups comes downs – be in love with the process and the goals will come easy.

Make the most of it,

– Thomas 

Thomas Frank is the winner of the IPTA scholarship and certified personal trainer course in Marbella. This is the fifth post in a series that Thomas has written.