We have to walk the road ourselves, but we don’t have to walk it alone.


That means that we sometimes have to ask for help from others, put away our pride and have a slice of what I refer to as the only true form of soul food… humble pie. And actually it’s a really great feeling when you discover that there are people out there willing to help you, because they believe in you and in your project. It also means that finding people who shares your passion is something extremely positive for your growth and development.

And instead of finding people, who resembles you, have the same background or simply comes from the same neighbourhood as you, finding people who shares your passion, means it can be people from all walks of life. And in my opinion the more diverse the composition of a group is, the greater is the dynamics.

When it comes to training I normally tell people, that finding a sport they’re passionate about or a gym they don’t want to leave after training is one of the most important things in order to create great and healthy habits. That’s what worked for me, I found a gym where not I only did enjoy the tough training, I enjoyed hanging about after training. I liked it so much, that when the opportunity to move in right next door opened up I went for it.

For me being in such an inspiring environment, with great people, got me to where I want to be on a personal note, and it also gave me the courage to start up abusiness, even though at the time I really wasn’t quite ready – I had to grow and rise to the challenge.

And honestly that’s what setting goals is all about, a goal you can reach today, isn’t a goal. That’s just something to do. A real goal lies somewhere in the future and is currently unattainable. That way you have to do the work to get there, and when you finally get there, you’re not the same person anymore, you’ve grown. And so you set yourself some new goals, and you grow some more. And without you even noticing it, your sense of coherence changes. What previously seemed overwhelming becomes quite manageable.

And the trend is very clear, gyms like Crossfit boxes and functional open spaced gyms are popping up everywhere. And gym owners are aware that creating a great community is the key to success. A box without an awesome social life and great social relations is just empty space. You need the energy of people to create great traditions and habits.

And speaking of habits, in order to help people as a coach or an instructor, you have to give them knowledge about movement, exercise and nutrition, obviously. But ultimately we are habitual creatures and to reprogram someone’s lifestyle means to help them create new and healthy habits in place of bad ones.

Next time I will get a little more personal, and talk a bit about some of the bad habits I had to quit, in order to make it this far.

Thanks for reading,

– Thomas

Thomas Frank is the winner of the IPTA scholarship and certified personal trainer course in Marbella.

This is the third post in a series that Thomas writes ahead of joining the upcoming PT program with IPTA.