At TripExtreme our slogan is “make the most of it”. It’s a well-known phrase. For me it means to make the most of absolutely everything.

Make the most of adversity. Life is about learning lessons. It’s ok to fail. It’s ok to fail more than once. You grow every time you’re outside your comfort zone.

Make the most of prosperity. When things are going well, that’s when you can gamble a little bit, take some chances, prepare for future growth.

Make the most of it, I think, represents a variation of Stoicism, you know the “keep calm and carry on” one, by (Zeno of Citium). But it is far more than that, it’s a minimalistic approach to life, and it’s something that kind of connects with taking a leap of faith and the power of letting go.

Sometimes it takes more strength and will power to let go of something, than it does to cling to it and hold on. 

A minimalistic approach is beneficial in several ways. Obviously you can save some money if you stop being a mindless super consumer. A minimalistic approach is when you look at things from a nice to have/need to have perspective. But just as important as saving some money, it’s actually much easier to stay focused and not loose sight of what it is you really want.

Get rid of meaningless things. Not filling your life with stuff you don’t need and not doing stuff that dosen’t get you where you want to be, has the positive side effect, that your actions comes in sync with your dreams and goals.

Now you need the power to let go, to get rid of all the excess clutter in your life. Whether it’s useless things or useless relationships, excess clutter will weigh you down, and you will go nowhere. Be selective, count how many «fucks» you have to give, and spend them wisely.

A good example from my own journey to where I am today is how I bought my minibus, the one I use to drive all our amazing guests around, when they join our fitness boot camps. I was the happy owner of a very nice BMW when we started our business, but needed money to buy a minibus so the business could get going in the direction I wanted it to go. I took quite a loss selling the car to buy the minibus, but I know I did the right thing, because immediately we were able to take our guests to beautifullocations and business picked up. Who knows, I might be the only guy out there who’s happy about trading in his BMW 5 series for a Ford Transit, but it enabled me tobuild the business, and I met amazing people as a result.

When you commit yourself 100% to the project at hand, and you get rid of useless attachments that is where the magic begins to happen. That’s where the wheels start turning in your favour, when the ripple effect of the things you set in motion comes back around, and you’re still on the right course. Like being found eligible for a full scholarship at IPTA. That isn’t just random luck, it’s more than that. It’s people seeing your level of commitment.

Often we’ve had to ask ourselves; how bad do we want this? Can we even make it on that budget? And we simply answered ”we want it bad enough” and ”yes, we can”. That lead us to a minimalistic approach to life, and to #makethemostofit.

– Thomas

Thomas Frank is the winner of the IPTA scholarship and certified personal trainer course in Marbella.

This is the third post in a series that Thomas writes ahead of joining the upcoming PT program with IPTA. Read his first blog post here.