Hi guys, my name is Thomas. I have a boot camp company based in Costa Del Sol called TripExtreme, and I will start my PT program with IPTA Marbella in September, something I am extremely excited about.


I’ve been asked to share a little bit of my story towards winning the PT course.

So, where to begin?

Well, let’s begin with burning your bridges.

When we decided to move to Spain all it took was a little spark, just big enough to ignite the fire and burn the bridges. By burning bridges I don’t mean slam all doors shut when you leave, but simply get rid of attachments so you can commit yourself 100% to the new now and the road ahead. When my wife and I decided to move to Spain, we went all in, sold everything we had accumulated over time, raised as much money we could and left for Spain with everything we owned in only three suitcases and a duffle bag. Yep my gym bag was among the last remaining items. 

I started studying, and my wife decided to finish her bachelor degree at Málaga University. At the time I had spent almost two decades in construction so you can imagine the challenge it was to begin studying while building a new fitness brand from scratch in a new country.

We encountered many obstacles on the way: jobs that didn’t work out, landlords that tried to trick us, and we even got stuck in a landlord’s family feud.

Working out helps me a lot in times of adversity, it keeps me sane and focused. My own actions and reactions are the one thing I do have control over – and going to the gym makes me feel good about myself and it helps me keep a positive outlook. It still does now that things are going well.

With my PT certificate from IPTA, I’m going to help people to gain a better understanding of their bodies and build confidence in their own abilities. I already love

coaching and sharing knowledge. With the new skills that I will acquire at IPTA Marbella and with the experience I have from working with people from many walks of life in my boot camp company, I will turn naysayers into yes people.

If we had only rented out our apartment in Copenhagen, we probably wouldn’t have made it this far. It would have been to easy to call it quit and go back.

Burn your bridges, do you see what I mean?

The next few weeks I will be blogging a bit more about the things and thoughts that I’ve experienced on my way to IPTA.

– Thomas