Stacey Morgan (England)

“I would highly recommend IPTA to anyone looking to do a personal trainer course. Marbella is a lovely location to carry out the training in and gives you lots of opportunities to be outside making the most of a beautiful place and weather. I had the best time during the practical course, learnt a lot from great teachers who took their time to make sure you get a comprehensive understanding and met an amazing group of people. Throughout the online studies we received a lot of support and the teachers were always available to contact for extra help or queries. The support even continues once you receive your qualification and you become part of the IPTA alumni group. Thank you to IPTA!”

Frederik Møller (Denmark)

“To anyone thinking about taking the journey to becoming a personal trainer, this is the place to do it. I took the international course in Marbella last month, and I am pleased beyond expectations. Great teachers, who are very good at what they do, a fun experience with like-minded peers, and everything is planned so that it is easy to follow without feeling lost. Absolutely 5/5 experience.”

Angelika Reinhardt (Germany)

“IPTA has been a positive and surprising experience for me. The educational level was living up to the announcement. All teachers seemed to be qualified and had a high ambition to give us all there knowledge, which were quite a lot. They were able to present and explain both the practical and theoretical stuff in a nice and pedagogical way, so that most were able to follow. We could always ask them for help and advice even after finishing our exam. For me I have to say that I was happy that I have a background in anatomy, physiology and have experience in training people. The education is a good complement to my daily work as a physiotherapist.”

Ayman D Maaroufi (Sweden)

“Reaaallllyyy good teachers that really take their time with each student, and really make sure that you dont feel any doubts what so ever. The program in Itself is just amazing, how often do a person get to study and enjoy a vacation at the same time. but overall It’s probably the best thing I´ve EVER done and I would do it again. shout out to the IPTA teachers and the whole school. u got my vote 4 sure!”

Sølvi Hildre (Norway)

“I highly recommend this course for those who are interested. Its intense, but well worth it! Professional teachers, amazing students and perfect location. Once in a lifetime experience. After these days in Marbella u got the tools u need to become a professional PT… and you got a lot of nice memories!!!”

Paloma Dobinson (Belgium)

“I would definitely recommend this academy if you are looking for a fun exciting way to receive your personal training diploma. Marbella is an excellent location and the people are very friendly. I am glad I completed my personal training license at a IPTA and not somewhere else. I have met some amazing people that I will remember forever and I can’t wait to start my career in personal training thanks to the wonderful trainers that taught us what we now know.”

Alexandre Gangnon (France)

“I highly recommend IPTA to get the education and skills required as an international Personal Trainer, with good teachers and continuous follow-up for your future career or your individual development.”

Deena Divakaram (Switzerland)

“Definitely a big shout out to this program!! From the professional trainers down to the study material and the amazing location you will be dazzled! Plus you have a constant online support which makes this program so worth while!!”

Nikolay Dobrev (Bulgaria)

“The PT-program at IPTA was awesome and gave me the tools I needed to be successful in my job as a Personal Trainer. The time in Marbella was also an unforgettable experience. I can really recommend the PT-program at IPTA.”




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